On my way back to the MOMA, I noticed a good dive-able dumpster and alerted the Cap’n, who was on the case. Then I headed through the back door and into the staging area, which was utter chaos:

staging area at the sf moma scavenger hunt

People were everywhere. It was really interesting to see what people had returned with.

found toilets in the moma

We totally misinterpreted clue number 100, “excusado senor Weston,” as being a request for a photograph of a toilet, rather than an actual toilet. The judge gave me zero style points for the excellent excusado photograph we provided, and I can see why in the face of teams which lugged porcelain gods all over the City.

sleeping in the moma

We were all exhausted by the end. My feet were tired and sore, covered in questionable goo and cracking. We were sweat drenched, smelly, and bedraggled–luckily we had a mattress for napping.

our table, laid out

Being organized as we were, our table was in good shape by seven, when all the team members except representatives were kicked out for judging. The boys went forth to enjoy libations of food and wine while I waited for our judge–later on, they sent a cup of coffee in for me which I nursed thoughtfully while I waited for our judge and peered around at other tables. (From whence comes this sudden drinking of coffee, you ask? Getting up at five am and racing around San Francisco all day, that’s where.)

Our judge, by the way, was excellent. Tough, but fair. They had clearly gone over the list earlier in the day, and they knew what was wanted. She was a very nice woman and I enjoyed our conversation together immensely I didn’t argue with her, because I think she did a great job, assigning us points where we deserved them and moving on if we didn’t. She also really dug Cap’n Raspberry’s print (which apparently made it into the final exhibition…so now he can say he has a print in the MOMA). We got credit for a reasonable number of things, and I think did very well for a three person unit. Besides–we had fun!

After judging (and having our scores added up), we proceeded to the auditorium for the announcement–but not before several staff members had an artistic disagreement which broke out into musical expression.

musical and the moma

It was good times, but the moment we were all waiting for had to arrive:

winners of the sf moma scavenger hunt

It’s kind of hard to see what’s going on in this picture, but basically what happened is that a team of bike messengers kicked all our asses. In a major way. And they got to exit in a limosine, guzzling champagne. It was beautiful. We all broke out into cheers and applause, genuinely excited and appreciative of the adventure. Those of us in the front row were splashed with champagne–it reminded me of childhood trips to Marine World.

I can’t wait to do it again…and win this time. It was an awesome weekend and I am very grateful to Joshua, Rachel, the MOMA, and all the other teams for the spectacular time we had.

Admission to the MOMA is free on the first Tuesday of every month, and this happens to be the last day of the exhibition, so if you get a chance you should go and check it out. At noon today there’s going to be a special event where the artist and some of the teams are going to reconvene and talk about their experiences…I can’t make it, but it certainly sounds interesting.

The toilet display is quite striking, by the way.

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