Reader Participation

Reading Boing Boing today, I noticed a link to a plea by Dori Smith for the return of her licenseplate. Now, I’m not sure which plate was stolen from her vehicle, or if both were taken, but either way, it’s not very groovy for her. She’s facing a major hassle with the DMV to get the plate back, and meanwhile is sans a completely excellent personal plate.

Given that the vehicle was parked in Healdsburg and that many of my readers are from Northern California and are also geeks, I’m posting a link to her plea—here it is again. If anyone has seen the plate or knows anything about it, she would love to get it back, no questions asked.

When I had a vehicle, I had personal plates (which now hang on my wall), and I would have been majorly bummed to lose them. For those who aren’t familiar with the personalized plate system, when you order vanity plates in California they become your property. They are also pretty pricy, depending on configuration, and require higher annual registration fees if you want to retain them. Therefore, it’s majorly unhip to steal them, kids! Take a picture!

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