Paper Making: The Thrilling Conclusion

We’re feeling fairy crafty here over on our Toxic Island, reveling in our new made paper. It did take us a few days, I grant, but the results are triumphant. When happened is that although we had intended to make paper on the 18th, the Scarab got busy, so we regrouped yesterday.

Our pulp had been soaking for a very long time. We decided to try the sluicing a screen around in a tub method, rather than the pouring method, but our screens were too large.

bent window screen

No worries, said the Scarab, we’ll just bend them into shape.

One of his housemates offered critical commentary on the process. We showed her!

playing in the sludge

We blended our well presoaked pulp a little more, and dumped it in a tub with a ton of water. It was fun to play in the sludge.

pulling out a pulp covered screen

Here we are pulling out a sheet of the still very wet paper. We could tell already that this method was going to be more successful. The pulp was evenly spread, and looked excellent. We even chortled with glee for a moment before putting this screen on a high tech drying rack:

drying paper

Don’t try this at home, kids.

We waited eagerly all afternoon for the paper to dry, and it didn’t happen. I was despondant, and could only be cured with the judicious application of Fat Tire. Today, however, I ventured over to the boys’ again, and:


What’s that? Oh…could it be…maybe…PAPER?!

Yeah, that’s right. That there is some PAPER. That WE MADE.


Even Cap’n Raspberry, who is normally too cool for our harebrained projects, was impressed. We promptly dipped every screen in sight in the leftover sludge, and are eagerly awaiting our paper empire.