Lazy Sunday

Today was a lazy sort of day, the kind where you wake up at noon, amble downstairs for some toast, and then take a nap until three.

We decided no dim sum today, and instead ambled around the Haight, where one of the roommates got a henna tattoo and I convinced a cute Asian girl that navel rings aren’t that painful. She’s probably hating me right now. I was going to get some produce but it was all too expensive, and I reluctantly tore my eyes from beautiful but $5 a package raspberries. Apparently we’re getting a Farmers Maket on the Island, starting 5 November, and I’m excited.

Afterwards, we went to Orphan Andy’s for dinner, and then ambled over to Hot Cookies for dessert. I really, deeply wish that I had brought my camera along, because Hot Cookies is a fabulous place. I got a macaroon in the shape of a penis. All that’s left now are the testicles, two black balls filled with creamy coconut in the cookie jar. I’m waiting for a good time.

Waiting for the Transbay home, we hooked up with some of our neighbors. The bus, in cahoots with the SFPD, was up to no good. I’m not sure what the plan was, but I know it boded ill for someone.