So, it’s Fleet Week, and today at 11:00 was the Parade of Ships, so we went down to check it out. Alas, the loaner camera doesn’t really have zoom, so these images don’t convey the awesomeness fully.

aircraft carrier in san francisco

That there is an aircraft carrier closing in on the Bay Bridge.

aircraft carrier in san francisco

We were afraid it might actually take out the bridge but there was just enough clearance, apparently.

amphibious assault vehicle at fleet week

And that is an amphibious assault vehicle.

Those were actually quite close to us, and it was neat to watch them turn in circles, in place, with their giant fans.

Tomorrow we’re going to go on a few topside tours and actually get on some of the boats.

Today, we’re going to hide from the Blue Angels, who must be using Oakland as a staging ground for their shows because they are overflying the house about every two seconds.

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