Holy Crap Part II

san francisco absentee ballot

I knew you wouldn’t believe me when I said my ballot for San Francisco was huge. That’s five legal sized pages, two sided. They are even color coded so that I don’t get confused.

State Wide Races

Governor: Phil Angelides
I really struggled with this, because I like Peter Camejo better. However, I don’t think we need Arnold to continue as governor, and therefore I encourage you to cast your vote for the majority party candidate, even though it pains me sorely to admit it.

Lieutentant Governor: John Garamendi
He has done an alright job as state insurance commissioner, and I think will do alright by us. He’s also been endorsed by a large number of California newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times.

Secretary of State: Margie Akin
I have a soft spot for anthropologists, it’s true. But Dr. Akin also recognizes that there is a need for major technological reform in California to ensure equal access for all. As Secretary of State, I believe that she will make needed improvements and bring a balanced, scientific mind to Sacramento.

Controller: John Chiang
He has a strong record on the State Board of Equalization, and comes endorsed by a wide variety of newspapers.

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
As Attorney General, Mr Lockyer has a fairly balanced record. He clearly knows California law well, and is dedicated to serving the citizens. I think he will be a good balancing force to look out for our interests.

Attorney General: Jerry Brown
Mr. Brown is clearly going for the celebrity vote. He also, however, has a progressive record. He has served the environment in Oakland well during his time there, and also knows the reality of day to life for many California professionals. As Attorney General, I think he will represent well.

Insurance Commissioner: Cruz Bustamante
As Lieutentant Governor, Bustamante has a strong record, especially when it comes to protecting minority Californians.

State Board of Equalization First District: Betty Yee
I support Ms. Yee in this election because she’s already anm acting boardmember, and is obviously familiar with the ways and means of the board. She also represents minority Californians, especially Asians and Pacific Islanders. She supports youth programs and education, two things I feel strongly about.

State Assembly District Thirteen: Mark Leno
A strong supporter of workers rights, youth programs, and education, he has a strong proven voting record. He cares about hunger, the environment, homelessness, and health access for San Franciscans.

Federal Candidates

Senator: Dianne Feinstein
Although I have reservations about her, she has been a strong voice for California in the Senate. She actually shows up for work and votes most of the time, which is more than I can say for some senators.

Representative District Eight: Nancy Pelosi
We will take over the House. And Nancy Pelosi will be our voice.

loki for governor

Remember kids, voting is sexy!

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