Hello, Oakland Airport

Judging from the aircraft overhead, it would appear that my new bedroom is directly under a major flight path into Oakland International Airport. Either that or the military just likes to buzz the Island, a lot, to remind us who’s boss. I’m not sure. Either way, there sure are a heck of a lot of low flying aircraft around here!

Today I baked cinnamon bread while waiting for the delivery of our new washer and dryer. New to us, at least. As I speak, towels are merrily being cleansed in the delcious toxic water of the Island, raising the question of what exactly the point of washing them is. I suppose better the dirt I can’t see than the dirt I can…

An actual post will be up later, perhaps even once this bread is done rising.

Correction, 4:20 PM: what I’m hearing is not, apparently, the sound of aircraft approaching Oakland, but the Blue Angels practicing for Fleet Week.

Loki does not like the Blue Angels.