Headquarters Relocation

You heard it here first, kids, and the rumours are true: the physical headquarters of this ain’t livin’ have relocated to Treasure Island in San Francisco! It was a big plunge, but we’re enjoying ourselves immensely already so far. Granted, we’ve only been here for five hours at this point, and the neighbors are quiet, but things are looking good.

I was going to take pictures of the view, but it got dark, so more of that sort of thing later. You can read a pretty neat article about our new home, if you’re interested.

I do want to take a minute to thank Brendan, Catherine and Isaak in Fort Bragg for helping me to load the Uhaul for the trip down–their assistance was very much valued. Everything came out on this end fine, so obviously they did a good job loading while I was hastily stuffing things into boxes.

On the Treasure Island end, Mike and Seraphina helped me to unload (and Seraphina made my bed!), and it was awesome.

I’m knackered, so it’s off to bed. In my new house! Yay!