Good God!

So I’m sitting at the dining room table, right, peacefully minding my own business, getting some work done on the downstairs computer while one the roommates lounges on the couch and reads. It may be Friday night, but we’re feeling mellow and lazy and we’re loafing until the night gets a little later.

In the distance I hear what might be thunder, and sirens, and I tune it out while I focus on the task at hand.

Then, suddenly, I hear a siren very loudly, and I look up to see what I think is an ambulance careening down a neighboring street. Suddenly a shower of sparks appears, and I realize that the ambulance is actually a police car ramming another vehicle, with a person inside, down the street.

“Hey,” I say to the roommate. “Hey! We’ve got a, a scene, going on outside. A scene, I tell you!”

She leaps up we poke our heads out the door as the police car shoves its victim up over the sidewalk and into a garbage can. Another cop car pops up behind it, followed shortly by a motorcyle. The police all lunge out of or off of their vehicles and draw their weapons, charging for the vehicle.

“Get the FUCK down,” they shout, as we dart back inside, bolt the door, and trundle upstairs for a vantage point.

san francisco police cars

If I had a tripod, this wouldn’t be so blurry. But what you are seeing there is two of the eight cop cars which eventually came out, and a little cluster of law enforcement conferencing. What you can’t see is the entire neighborhood either standing around watching, or peering from upstairs windows. A few moments later a motorcycle cop pranced up and they all started aiming their flashlights into the trees, presumably checking for attack jaguars.

cop with a flashlight

The flashlight being held there is illuminating a piece of debris which was left in the roadway while the police were muscling the car around.

We watched the guy get arrested, but we’re not entirely sure what he did, or why the police were shoving his car around like an air hockey puck. Presumably he was posing some sort of imminent safety threat. I’ve never actually seen police do that. It was, to say the least, a scene.

As the cops dispersed, friends from down the street drifted over and we sat on the stoop drinking beer, eating cookies, and watching the cops. At one point I imitated the fey prance of the motorcycle cop and one of the cops left to guard the streetcorner glared at me and harrumphed.

Then a friend called.

“Is now a good time to come over and see the new house,” he said.

“Sure,” I replied. “It’s super easy to find…it’s the one with all the cop cars out front.”

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