I’m famous!

Well, not really. But I did make it into last week’s edition of the Mendocino Beacon, as my friend over at the Payphone Project pointed out. They didn’t punctuate “this ain’t livin'” correctly, or give me a link, but I’ll give Frank an A for effort. Unless of course he was trying to keep people from finding me…I’m a little embarassed that my friend, living in New York, noticed the Beacon article before me, although in my defense I was moving this week.

Payphone removal, as the article points out, is a growing worry, especially in rural areas where cell phone service is not reliable, or where people don’t have cell phones. Yanking out payphone because they are not “profitable” is a great tragedy–I used and loved all of the payphones discussed in that article, and I’m sad to see them go.

As a society, I think sometimes there is more to profit than simple money.

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