The first time I ate at the Cheeseboard, I was actually wandering around Berkeley with two friends, and we had gotten off at the wrong BART station.

“Look,” one of them said, “the Cheeseboard!”

It was the beginning of a long love affair. One of my housemates in Oakland and I used to go about once a week, right before they closed, and get two monstrous pizzas and eat them in the parking lot next to the Cheeseboard, cheese dripping down our chins and the rich explosion of flavour seducing us.

I love the whole system of the Cheeseboard, that there’s one pizza a day and you can get as much or as little as you want. That the pizza is fresh and uses stellar ingredients, and you can amble next door for amazing bread and an assortment of artisan cheeses. I love the flavour combinations they use—every time I go, I am surprised with a new delicious food experience. Simple, good ingredients arranged in a tasteful way.

So one of the housemates yesterday was going into the East Bay to do some errands, and I cajoled her into picking up a Cheeseboard pizza.

Today’s pizza had eggplant and lemon zest, and it was superb. The flavour was excellent, the crust and chewy and rich and flavourful as I remembered, the cheese a complex medley of flavour on the tongue with the tart lemon, and snipped chives.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed Cheeseboard pizza until I had it again. We’re going to have to make it a weekly tradition.