Partners In Preservation

Have you ever wondered how restoration funding gets allocated? Felt irked by what you see as unfair disposition of Federal funds?

Many of us choose to be active in local organizations, or to donate time and money to worthy causes. But it’s still frustrating to watch tens of thousands of dollars seemingly randomly allocated, often without consulting the people.

Countless sites in the Bay Area are in need of restoration work, ranging from simple paint jobs to replacement of foundations. In a twist on the way it’s normally done, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has partnered with American Express and the World Monuments Fund to contribute to the vital historical character of the Bay Area. Partners In Preservation is an ambitious effort to distribute $10 million over five years across the world.

25 of these Bay Area sites have been selected, and you can vote once a day until 1 October on sites you think are most worthy–the top 10-12 ranked sites will split a one million dollar grant amongst themselves. You can read more here about how sites were chosen for the initiative.

Sure, the idea is a little gimmicky. But it will raise awareness about historic sites, and why it’s important to preserve our history. You can view it as a popularity contest, or as an opportunity for citizens to get input about which sites they think are important. Either way, it’s an example of the growing pervasiveness that the internet has in our lives.

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