Festa the Second

Many Portugese groups from all over the state were represented in the Festa parade, which I believe is one of the larger ones in Northern California thanks to our large and very active Portugese community.

knights of columbus

You probably can’t read their flag here, but these gentlemen were representing the Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization, founded over 100 years ago. The Knights are extremely charitable, and not just to Catholics and Catholic organizations–they donate millions of dollars and hours in manpower every year to worthy causes.

Sadly, the organization is men-only, and has been accused of prejudicial behaviour in the past. However, their good works should be acknowledged because they make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people, especially the developmentally disabled.

queen with her escort

This Queen had an escort, something one doesn’t usually see.

end of the parade

Here’s the tail end of the parade. The band bringing up the end was milling about aimlessly, in a rather enchanting way, not actually performing, until they realized I was watching and decided to straighten up their act with a rendition of something martial and rousing, which faded off into the morning as the parade wound its ponderous way through the streets of Fort Bragg.

life resumes after the parade

Here’s a long shot of the parade slipping from view–the cars directly behind were being driven by participants, one of whom shouted up to me when she realized I was on the roof:

“You must be getting some good pictures!”

“Yup,” I said. “Check my website later this week!”

“Thanks,” she said, speeding up to catch up with the parade. Hopefully she got the spelling of the site down so she can see the photos…

queens and roses

In honor of Queen Isabel, I leave you with this shot of three lovely queens walking past our rosebush.

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