Sempre Fudge

As my local readers are no doubt aware, Headlands recently made the drastic and unprecedented decision to drop the Amazon Chocolate Cake, made by Cafe Beaujolais, and carry Sempre Fudge cake from Costeaux French Bakery. Given the sacrosanct nature of the Headlands dessert case, this is headline news.

And it required a new cartoon, which is always a source of pleasure to me. Speaking of which–is there any way I can commission a replica of the 11’s? Or, better yet, if the bastard who stole them is reading this, could they be returned? I’m sure it would be a no questions asked kind of thing–I know I’m not the only person who is wistful about the 11’s. I just…I really miss the 11’s. And I understand that you guys might be retiring numbers, like they do for famous ball players. But still. For me?

The Amazon and I had a tormented relationship. The body of the cake is actually vegan, and I’ve had fully vegan versions which are scrumptious. Especially, ahem, with a layer of raspberry goodness in the middle. But I was never a fan of the frosting–too thick, dense, and rich, it detracted from the cake. Often I would hollow the cake out from the layers of frosting because it was just too much for me. Many patrons felt the same way, which may have been part of the reason for the change. The Amazon was a notorious foe–most people weren’t really up to it, so to speak.

So I was in Headlands recently and decided to try the Sempre Fudge, as part of my mission to say I’ve tried everything in the case. Now that I’ve had the new cake, this is once again true. If you’d like full reviews on everything Headlands serves, we could start “Friday Headlands Blogging” now that Friday Cat Blogging is on infinite hiatus thanks to my camera-less state.

My impressions: too sweet. Too damn sweet. Chocolate should be slightly bitter, tangy, almost a little bit sour, to allow the full flavour to come through and mature. My molars actually started to hurt as I chewed the first bite. God, I hope I don’t have a cavity. The cake was alright, dense, cakey, not too dry, but the frosting was cloyingly sweet. So sweet. Just thinking about it makes my lip curl.

What is this with chocolate desserts and the sweet? Chocolate is such a perfect, splendid, powerful flavour, and bakers seem determined to mask it. I would love to see Headlands carrying a chocolate cake that meant business, that didn’t hide behind sugar’s apron strings, the kind of cake that causes me to emit little noises of pain and glee all at the same time.

Until then, I’ll stick with the frangipane. Or the lemon tarts. Mmm lemon tarts. Now there’s a dessert.