It’s been one week…

Since Mr Bell’s unilateral pinnectomy. (Of course, it looks like a bilateral pinnectomy because his other ear was done in 2004. But really it was unilateral because it was only one ear.)

Below, Mr Bell is expressing his displeasure at the thought of another 3ccs of Cephalexin–he’s only got two more doses to go. As you can see, his ear is healing nicely–it hasn’t been inflamed or sore at any point (probably partially thanks to the Cephalexin), although it has been itchy.

unilateral pinnectomy one week post-op

Since I have his cone off when I am around the house, Loki has again accepted him as one of the crew. (I think also the funny hospital smells made Loki distrustful–Mr Bell did come back from his surgery reeking of anesthesia and other suspect things.) So far he’s vomited a grand total of twice (no, that’s not what he’s about to do below), which is a pretty round number. Everybody feels a little nauseous sometimes…I understand.

unilateral pinnectomy one week post-op

He’s back to his usual tricks and I’d say almost back to normal as well, and his ear will probably itch less after Dr Jordan takes the stitches out next week. He’s already got a new coat of soft, downy hair on his ear which will probably end up matching the other one, with time. His teeth are all shiny and white from his dental, too–the blinding glare from his fangs is dazzling early in the morning.

I think we can declare his surgery a unilateral success.