In praise of quality

Mr Bell is doing much better today, although still not a fan of the collar. Loki disapproves of it even more–he’s been hissing at Mr Bell whenever he rounds a corner.

Last night we split a meal from the Bistro. Fish of the evening, grilled with charmoula on the side, and a grilled asparagus salad with a poached egg. He had not been very into food, so I was glad to see him fighting with me over the last piece of fish, devouring the egg, and even investigating the merits of asparagus. (Verdict–no to asparagus, despite the intriguing scent.)

Partly, Mr Bell is doing well because he’s at home and spoiled. But he’s also doing well because of the excellent staff at Covington Creek, and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate them. Choosing a veterinarian is not about getting the cheapest deal–it’s about getting the best care possible from the best staff possible, and every step of my experiences with Covington Creek has been wonderful. I think they are the best veterinary clinic in town, personally.

My cats see Dr. Jordan, although Dr. Dowd is excellent as well. Dr. Jordan is always very explicit with me about what’s going on and the measures we can take, and I appreciate this. His passion for surgery and attention to detail also lend themselves well to rapid healing times and customer satisfaction, feline and homo sapiens alike. I am the sort of owner who might be classified as “neurotic,” but Dr. Jordan never dismisses my concerns and always makes himself and his staff very available to me. He is very meticulous and I immensely appreciate that–it’s clear that he loves his job and he takes every step very seriously, from pre-operative examination to post-operative followup. He’s also kind enough to call me about go over pre-operative bloodwork, and he also called when Mr Bell came out of anesthesia to let me know everything went well.

Dr Jordan is frank with me, and gentle with my animals. Mr Bell, for example, has an abiding interest in the medical waste chute in exam room one, presumably because he thinks no one can find him there–Dr Jordan is quite tolerant of his heroic efforts to evade any sort of clinical attention. He performs a thorough, yet rapid exam in such a way that the cat in question is always broadsided by it, unable to protest, wiggle, or otherwise make a fuss.

The staff are all awesome, from the reception desk to the technicians. When I surrender my animals to the back for procedures, blood draws, and other sundry delights, I know that they are in capable, loving hands. The technicians are always very gentle and kind and they explain what they are planning to do before swooping in and doing it. It’s clear that everyone who works there is dedicated to their job, focused on the animals, and well trained. It makes it much easier for me to abandon my feline friends to them when I know they are going to be spoiled almost as much at Covington Creek as they are at home.

The reception staff all know me and my animals by name, and they are always sure to enquire about everyone’s health whether I am coming in to pick up food, to make an appointment, or running into them at the supermarket.

The thing about living in a small town is that you are never truly “off duty.” In a way, you are always representing your business or employer, and everyone at Covington Creek is always as wonderful to me out of uniform (and context) as they are when at work. (For example, I encountered Dr Jordan today on an utterly unrelated matter and he made sure to enquire after Mr Bell’s health.)

I go to Covington Creek because they treat me like an extended member of the family. They send me an annual Christmas card, and I like that (especially since it’s addressed to all the members of the household.) Even though I have worked in a veterinary clinic and have more knowledge than the layman about procedures and options, they are always careful to go over things with me and make sure that I understand what’s going on around me. I feel that they provide the best care possible to my animals, and I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a quality small animal practice which mixes knowledgeable and careful care of the animals with love and attentiveness.

I like to support smaller, family owned businesses, and I am always pleased to give my business to one as wonderful as Covington Creek