A few announcements for my assorted readers, local and far flung.

First, however, a discussion of the perfection that is Headlands salads. The Headlands salad is a rare and fantastic creation, not so much because of what’s in it (lettuce, carrots, bell pepper, onions), but because of the dressing which accompanies it. The house balsamic vinaigrette is everything you could want from a dressing–flavourful, tart, punchy, and delicious.

Most people in my generation eat their Headlands salad by dipping individual salad components into the dressing, something which usually requires two ramekins of dressing, not one. But oh, how satisfying it is. By picking daintily through a salad, you can prolong the eating experience in ways hitherto unimagined. This eating technique also leaves openings for others at the table to swoop in and eat your salad ingredients when they think you aren’t looking.

The balsamic also makes a starring appearance in the quarter loaf with dressing, something I used to order frequently when I didn’t have much money, because the hearty Beaujolais bread, combined with the balsamic dressing, was soothing to the hungry soul. (It’s still delicious, of course, it’s just that salads are excellent too.)

I have nurtured a long running love affair with the Headlands balsamic, sometimes eating it straight from the dish, and that’s why I was pleased to see that they have packaged it for sale. For locals, this delectable food accompaniment can be yours simply by popping in the door and grabbing one before they fly off the shelves. For those of you who aren’t local: never fear, I’m sure you can coax them into shipping you a bottle or two. I understand if you might be initially reluctant to order salad dressing from a coffeehouse on the edge of the earth but trust me on this one: once you go Headlands, you can’t go back.

Also, the deadline for the Third Big Fat Carnival is rapidly approaching, and Vegankid has the scoopage on that. If you’re too lazy to read Vegankid’s post, you can submit your entry directly here. Just so we’re all clear on this:

The Big Fat Carnival is a carnival for collecting some of the best blog posts regarding fat pride; fat acceptance; critiques of anti-fat bigotry, attitudes and research; celebration of images of fat people; practical difficulties of being fat; fat love (queer and otherwise); feminist views of fat and fat acceptance; the health at every size movement (HAES); and whatever else each edition’?s editor feels fits into the theme.

(But please note, The Big Fat Carnival is not a place to advocate weight-loss diets, weight loss surgery (WLS), or feederism.)

Vegankid is also having some personal difficulties, and would probably be grateful for any assistance you can offer (the relevant links are in the upper left corner). Remember: next time, it could be you.