Carnivals in the air

Today the Big Fat Carnival went up at Vegankid. It’s well organized and there’s a selection of great stuff on there, although I am a little concerned that Vegankid doesn’t seem to be able to spell woman, women, person, or human (and I saw now signs of “ou”–get with the program, Vegankid!). But I can overlook these faults for the time being.

The theme of the carnival was supposed to be sexuality, and I agree with Vegankid that it’s very interesting to see none of the entries included fat sex. Numerous authors including myself talked about how the body is perceived, who is determined to be “sexy”, and other issues. A lot of theory, but no getting dirty. Interesting. Apparently fat sex is a purely academic concept.

I really enjoyed the entry from Body Impolitic talking about Magic Bullets and fat. She drew a striking comparison between the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale of the Little Mermaid, who gives up everything for a love who ends up spurning her, and our quick-fix medical society.

The next carnival will be hosted in August on Body Impolitic, which provides fine general reading as a rule. If you are interested in submitting, you can use the online submission form here.

It’s also Grand Rounds day, and there are a number of great entries by medical bloggers, patients, insurance representatives, and everyone in between.

[Big Fat Carnival]