Scrabble funtime

scrabble board

Tonight we played scrabble. Laurel and I tied in the first game, but only because I went out first and she had to eat a point. “Quacked” was my work, and I am immensely proud of it. I also missed a scrabble for “anointed,” because someone stole the spot I was going to put it in. Alas.

scrabble board

My stealthy scrabble partner assisted in my scrabble domination.

naughty scrabble

Then we got bored and played sex themed scrabble. Peter destroyed us, but the naughtiest word on the board was still mine. Interestingly, naughty scrabble was completed in about half the time it took us to play a game of regular scrabble. Now, granted, we had a wider range of choices because slang was allowed, but we were limited to sex-related words, so it should have balanced out.

But it didn’t.