Also, a Verizon mystery

I know that many of my readers are on the West Coast, and many of you may also be “in” with one of the largest service providers out here. I’ve been using Verizon since 2000, and have never had any complaints with their service, but today Verizon has presented me with a puzzle.

Are any of you having problems with your Verizon service right now? A quick poll of my local friends has revealed that all of us are showing “extended network” or analogue coverage, none of us can access our voicemail, all of us have shitty signal, and most of us are having connectivity issues. I’ve missed a number of calls today because despite claiming that it has a signal, my phone doesn’t appear to be receiving calls, and it can’t seem to place them either.

I’m guessing something in the Verizon network is down, but where, how widespread is it, and when do we get our normal coverage back?

Reader cooperation may solve the mystery.

[Verizon service interruption]