A few thoughts on ice cream

For my 300th post, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the banana split.

banana split

There are few things in life as perfect as a well made banana split.

The trick with a banana split is to deviate from the Neapolitan “holy trinity” of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. And under no circumstances should one use the chocolate, pineapple, and strawberry sauces generally offered with the split. The conventional flavourings are alright, but they don’t maximize the potential of the banana split. The secret to a delicious banana split is also to go to a good ice cream parlour, like Cowlicks. If you’re lucky, you can get quality fresh fruit to go with your split–but if there’s not fresh fruit available, don’t you dare get the canned syrupy stuff most places offer instead of real fruit. Resist, I tell you.

Cowlick’s Ice Cream is where I went this evening. The above split contained coffee, coconut, and blackberry chocolate chunk ice creams before I ate it. In retrospect, I should have gone with chocolate chip or perhaps black forest instead of coffee, because the coffee didn’t interact to perfection with the other flavours. I had it with hot fudge and caramel sauces, and I swapped out the peanuts for almonds.

Hot fudge and bananas go together like…well, hot fudge and bananas. In my youth I used to order a cup of bananas with hot fudge, no ice cream, because the flavour combination seduced me so.

empty to go container

It was quite superb. As you can see from the above image. The cats also cruised in for bites, but the ice cream thievery mission failed. It takes more than a cat to get between me and a sundae. Ah, the banana split. A moment of perfection in an otherwise ordinary day.