A confession

She was walking down the street, minding her own business on a breezy, sunny Monday afternoon. Stylishly dressed, her hair offset her porcelain skin flawlessly. Musing on the state of life, she was utterly at peace, as much as one can be in the afternoon in Fort Bragg. Suddenly, a strange noise emerged from a large rhododendron erupting near the porch on the house to her left.

The noise was difficult to describe. A base human might have described it as “cackling with glee,” or perhaps “a gurgling chortle of delight.” Either way, it was startling, and the leaves of the bush rustled to admit a tousled looking individual with windswept hair clutching a small white box. The figure looked almost as startled to see her.

“Er…sorry,” she said. “I’m a little excited.”

“It’s ok,” the other replied. “It sounds like a…good…sort of excited.”

cryptexYes, gentle readers…I am a finalist in the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google! I am wicked excited, because I never get into the finals of anything, let alone win it. It’s like Christmas in May over here, my friend.

While I was doing the Quest I didn’t want to say anything because I hate jinxing things. And I’m still highly superstitious, so I will admit I’m a little nervous about saying anything now. But I had to share the joyousness. It’s time to confess my dark secret.

The final quest is on Friday, and I’m looking forward to it although I am also super nervous. I haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell in winning because while I am good at brain teasers, I’m not a super puzzle solving genius who can do them in seconds, which is pretty much what I would have to be in order to win. So please wish me luck…who knows…if I win, maybe I’ll take you along!

[Da Vinci Code Quest]