Sustainable Table

My friend Mischa is on the verge of graduating from Chapman, and completed a film for his senior thesis. Which is pretty awesome. Soon I’ll be saying I knew him when, because we went to school together when we were wee. I have tremendous respect for Mischa and I think he’s a wonderful man. Yes, I may have punched him on the Caspar bus once but that’s old history, and I wasn’t aiming at him anyway, I was meaning to hit Kenny. And no, I didn’t get suspended over it, damnit, so stop spreading that rumour.

But there are more reasons Mischa is awesome. For example, he rides for AIDS/Lifecycle (and yes, gentle readers, you should donate because it’s a great cause). He’s an awesome musician. He’s a great audio and film editor (obviously). He hugs a kitten every day. He actually graduated from a real college and is intending to, you know, do things with his life.

But let’s talk about his movie for a moment. It’s a documentary called Sustainable Table, and you should totally go see it–it’s screening in Orange, Ca tomorrow, and again at the Matheson Performing Arts Centre in Mendocino on Sunday (at seven). If you can’t make a screening, order a copy through the website, and invite a bunch of friends over and have a movie night. It’s totally worth it. The movie is about an issue close to my heart–food, and where it comes from. It’s an eye opening look into American agriculture and food politics.

Mischa interviewed some interesting people, including Howard Lyman and Marc Grossman. He traveled all over the place and worked with a number of organizations trying to raise our awareness about food. So go watch it. Start deconstructing your plate and looking at the seamy underbelly of your food: before it’s too late.

Congratulations, Mischa.

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