If tomorrow didn’t come…

I’ve been thinking, today, about what will happen when the apocalypse comes.

I’m not sure if the apocalypse is going to descend upon us all at once, or slowly, gradually, like a curtain being lowered. I just finished reading Into the Forest, which I think is the best vision of what might happen. The power grid will become unstable. Basic resources will become difficult to obtain. But it won’t happen all at once. Brick by brick, the wall falls. It wouldn’t be as simple as going to sleep one night in civilization and waking up the next day in anarchy. Instead we will slowly become accustomed to inconvenience, and those of us who were alive “before” will remember what it was like. Will we survive? Or will we perish seeking the thin threads of our old lives?

We seem to be on a path to destruction, humanity, with our governments and our exploiting the planet, our lack of patience with natural processes and our everpresent desire for more, harder, faster, longer, stronger. The world may be our oyster but what if there isn’t a pearl inside?

I’m drinking filtered water from a gravity fed and government maintained reservoir right now.

Where will my water come from when the apocalypse comes?

I’m using a computer and the internet to write about the apocalypse.

Where will SBC and PG&E be? Will it start with rolling blackouts, frustratingly erratic connectivity, or will the system break down all at once, rapidly, a domino effect of destruction?

I’m wearing cotton clothing that was made in another country right now.

How will I cover myself, when the apocalypse comes?

I wish I had a patch of land to call my own, a garden filled with vegetables, a pen of sheep and goats. I wish I had flax and linen to spin and weave. Only the intrepid can hope for a future.

What would you do on your last day?