Friday Cat Blogging

Mr. S agrees that mornings are a bad time of day, generally speaking. He is supportive of recent moves by the Bush Administration to ban mornings altogether as an unproductive institution which may actually be fomenting terrorism in the United States. And you know something is up when someone in this household agrees with the Bush Administration.

It has been statistically proven by those in the know that I am 38% more grumpy in the mornings than at any other time, except staff meetings.

All residents of the house are also ardent supporters of the “heater for every cat” legislation currently under discussion in the House.

For readers new to this site, let this be your warning: the California primary is 6 June, and 22 May is the deadline to register to vote. If you are registered non-partisan, you need to request a partisan ballot from your registrar of voters to participate in the primary. This does not affect your voter registration but does allow you to participate in the primary process, so I highly recommend doing so. 17 April is the deadline in many California counties to request a partisan ballot, so get on it.

Vote, you lazy fuckers.


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