Once again, Twisty hits the spot

Stopping by for my morning patriarchy blaming, Twisty once again delivered the taco. With sauce. Her discussion of the hymen fetish which still plagues the “civilized” western world was right on. The whole concept of vaginal reconstructive surgery baffles me. First, there’s the assumption that lady bits need to be “reconstructed.” (Let’s set aside, for a moment, women who have been the victims of accidents or other strokes of misfortune in which reconstructive surgery really was necessary.) The thought that women willingly allow doctors to trim their labia and reshape their perfectly happy lady bits is ghastly. The thought that otherwise sensible women are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a fake hymen is just plain gross.

I mean, what is the deal with the virgin fetish? And the little girl fetish? Because the two seem to go hand in hand. The virgin thing is just weird. And I suppose the teen/girl fetish goes along with the virgin thing because younger women have a higher probability of virginitude. I mean, I like virgins, and I have a great deal of respect for them, but they aren’t much fun in the sack. It’s not their fault. It’s a lack of experience. Which, I suppose, for some, is the turn on. Woo hoo, their instruments of patriarchy think as they pound teen pussy, this is the first time anyone’s been in here! Yeah! But seriously. It’s weird. It’s weird that a lot of religions still place a high value on marrying virgins, and it’s weird that women in other parts of the world can suffer serious consequences for not being virgins. (By the imperfect standard of hymen condition–women born with minimal hymens are in a rather sticky wicket, eh?)

It troubles me that the more underage a women looks, the better she does in the mainstream porn industry. Something about looking less “used,” perhaps.

However, it was something in the comments that gave me food for thought.

Sophie brought up an excellent point: “Some people are trying to help african women escape Female genital cutting. They say it is something of the past, barbaric, etc? Well, some forms of these practices are very close to what the article describes. Chilling.”

Well dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians. I had never thought of it that way. Female Genital Mutilation (also known as female “circumcision”) in Africa is a horrific thing. Young women and girls are held down by their families while excruciating surgery is performed on their bodies, usually with broken glass, rusty knives, and other such sanitary implements. I am opposed to the practice of FGM without consent, and it saddens me to think of women living in daily pain from this barbaric practice. Because it is barbaric, godamnit. I have a great deal of respect for cultural traditions and ceremonies other than my own, but I don’t have respect for mutilating people (or animals). I cringe when I think of women with chronic pain and debilitating medical problems due to a brutal surgery performed by their own family members.

The recent rise in the west of genital reconstruction resembles FGM in a terrifying way. Granted, it’s usually performed in sterile operating rooms with sanitary implements, and the patient is sedated or under anesthesia…but still. “Reconstructing” adult women’s hymens so that their husbands can get off on the “like a virgin experience” sounds a lot like mutilation to me. I am very thankful to Sophie for casting some light on the subject from a new direction. Where are the anti-mutilation groups fighting for the rights of western women? Where are the educators walking the middle class streets, empowering women? Why are we tolerating this sort of thing in our hospitals and plastic surgeon’s offices? Really, kids, it’s time to stop fetishizing genitalia when there are so many cool things out there to fetishize, like feet, sploshing, and furries!