The system is back online

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t that it was offline so much as that it was a pile of malformed hard drive. But “online” is a better term than “the system is new, shiny, and replaced, and no that’s not a mangled piece of plastic that says ‘ony*’ behind me.” And I know you missed it, homechickens (slang greeting for an acquaintance, by the way, anonymous). My lack of access to a computer did not prevent me from writing over the last few days, so I have posted my recent thoughts for you, backtracking all the way to Sunday. A veritable verbiage dump, I tell you.

The new computer and I seem to be getting along very well right now. Right now we are playing transfer the data off the old hard drive. It’s new and shiny and still has that molded plastic smell. It is a little strange using a desktop instead of a laptop, I will admit, but so far I am liking it well enough. I’m very into having a number pad again. It’s wicked fast and silent, to boot, although we shall see how long that lasts. The case has this weird trippy fan thing that I suppose I can kind of get into. Right now it makes a very handy document rest, although I suppose I should really be leaving it clear for ventilation purposes. Tonight we shall probably watch a movie, testing its processing skills.

The weather outside is gloomy and grey. I have three days off stretching ahead of me in which I should probably be doing my taxes. I seethe with jealousy because a friend from work who is from Denmark told me yesterday that the government does her taxes for her there. And they send her either a cheque or a little slip saying she owes money, and leave it at that.

Hear that, IRS? I fuck up my taxes every year anyway, you could spare me the postage and just do my taxes for me.

*For the record, my Sony Vaio lasted exactly six years and it performed reasonably well for most of them until the catastrophic hardware failure, which it can’t really be blamed for because it was heartily abused for all six of those years. If you are considering the purchase of a Sony laptop, I highly recommend it. Until the last year or so, the Vaio went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exemplary service, and so did Sony technical support–they really are awesome. You won’t be disappointed.