It was Autumn in the Hibiscus Room with the 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage!

Ah, massage Clue.

But seriously.

I got a 90 minute massage from Autumn at Bamboo Garden, and it was amazing. Autumn is a great therapist on a lot of levels–she’s very communicative with you, and very in tune with your body. During the whole of our session, I felt like she was focused on my body alone, rather than the myriad of other things she has to think about, being a mother and a business owner. She also gives great elbow–I sense that her Deep Tissue massage is probably also excellent. She kept up nice firm pressure with me as we worked, and a smooth narrative flow with allowed me to utterly relax. You know those therapists who sort of flit about from area to area? She doesn’t do that. I always know where she is headed, and she kept up almost constant contact with my body throughout the section, something I really enjoy as a client. She sensed and released areas of tension in my body without needing me to say “I need more work here” or “no, don’t stop there!” I fell asleep about halfway through, which tells me it must be a good massage, if we can establish a trusting connection such that I feel ok going to sleep. All in all, a 100% excellent massage session from a therapist I can recommend without reservations. Although I would plan on being useless for the rest of the day after a massage from her.

(In addition to therapeutic massage, Autumn also provides Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Pregnancy/Side Lying Massage, Warm Stone Massage, & body treatments.)