Finest crab cakes in the west

Nice write up in the Chronicle, Nick. You are indeed the crab cake overlord. Reading it made me want some so badly I might pop over after the staff meeting. Although I think I would like them more with mae ploy or some other sweet yet hot chili sauce, as the aioli, for me, distracts from the crab cake greatness.

So I was walking back from the laundrymat this morning, and I was thinking about the trees on main street. I think they might be oak trees, judging from the type of leaves, although I’m not sure. At any rate, they are stunted. Very much so. Usually they have branches drooping so low that even my head is threatened by looming twigs. Someone must have trimmed out the undersides recently, because the lowest branches are lower than I remember them being. Or I’m getting shorter. At any rate, these trees are pathetic and stunted.

I sort of like the idea of towering oaks along main street. Then we would feel more like Healdsburg and less like podunk nowhere, which seems to be where they were going with the damn fake Narnia poles on the bridge. So what I’m wondering is if these trees just aren’t growing because they are unhappy, or they’re really supposed to top out at this ludicrously low height, impeding pedestrians of almost all sizes, blind people, and the wheelchair bound.

This is the city, after all, that came up with the bright idea of putting trees in giant terracotta pots and artfully strewing them along the sidewalks. The pots made handy garbage cans, and the trees soon vanished, so what we actually had were pots of cigarette butts and urine. Which went away, but after a very long time. God knows how much the whole affair cost.

So what’s the deal with Fort Bragg? It feels like a town in the midst of an identity crisis. Chi chi boutiques can be found next to decaying nefarious looking buildings. I think Fort Bragg is pushing for the tourist trade, and wants to be like Mendocino or Healdsburg or Carmel or all those overpriced yuppie piece of shit towns. But I’m wondering if Fort Bragg is going to lose its soul in the process, which would be a tragedy. What price are we willing to pay for gentrification, and is it already too late to get off the bus?

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