Also, cinnamon toast

[Picture unavailable because I ate it all. Try again tomorrow.]

So perhaps the best part of baking bread is making cinnamon toast the next day. I adore cinnamon toast, and always have. When I make cinnamon roll bread, it’s like double toast goodness, a whole new world of fantasmagoria.

Cinnamon toast, for me, is every rainy day. Cinnamon toast is hot chocolate and a good book and nowhere to go, curled up in a window seat watching the trees shrouded in fog. Cinnamon toast is a warm cat by your feet and a fire crackling in the hearth. Cinnamon toast is God coming over for breakfast.

Cinnamon toast:

Remove all housemates/partners from the premises.

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Cut as many 3/4 inch thick slices of homemade whole wheat bread as you think you can eat. Cut two more.

Slather slices in butter or a vegan replacement of your choice.

Sprinkle sugar lavishly on slices.

Dump cinnamon on slices.

Toast in the oven for five-ten minutes.

Remove: devour.

Permit housemates/partners back into the general area, and be sure to gloat.

Repeat as needed.