A few thoughts on asteraceae

After work, S and I headed out for some beers. (Rasputin for her, Deification for me.) We were unsure about our plans for the evening, and as we nursed our pints we discussed food possibilities. Then Isa came on shift and we talked about Vermont for quite a while.

I find myself missing Vermont, sometimes, at odd moments. The scent of Burt’s Bees lip balm brings back a winter morning at Bennington, tofu in spicy sauce reminds me of Brattleboro, I hear a sound or smell a smell that brings it all rushing back to me. I miss waking up to the snow, the leaves changing in the winter, snowball fights in the commons, icicles, evergreens sagging under heavy white blankets. I remember the time the power went out and we all went feral, dragging furniture out of the Village for Learning and burning it in a towering bonfire. Thinking about Vermont always makes me want to go back to school. I’ve thought about going back to Bennington for my master’s, but the work involved in getting an application together is so daunting. My GREs expire in 2007. I have to get letters of recommendation together. I have to track down all my transcripts. It’s a nightmare.

S and I decided to go to the Bistro. We started with the crab stuffed artichoke, which was served with a dish of melted butter on the side. I love me some artichokes. Along with brussels sprouts and asparagus, they are my favourite vegetables, and my favourite food. And dipped in molten butter, with that crabby taste…superb. I followed with a classic, grilled tofu with charmoula, which was fantastic. She had the pork confit, which looked really damn good. She kind of growled at me when my fork drifted in her direction, so I backed off. But it was topped with a pesto, and the meat looked…soft and buttery, like it would melt in your mouth. She could tease bits out with her fork effortlessly. Greatness is roasted meat.

For dessert, a surprise. Nick came swanning out of the kitchen with a chocolate soda (this description does not do justice to this effervescent drink) and a slice of chocolate decadence (which, by the way kids, is gluten free). It was a chocolate bomb–a great topper to dinner.

The real work fun starts tomorrow.