Piaci Update!

I very was pleased to check my email this afternoon and find a lovely letter from Cynthia Ariosta, one of the owners of Piaci, apologizing for my experience: “We have never experienced, in all our years of working in this industry, behavior as shocking as you describe in your blog, and believe me, we do not condone it.”

It became clear to me from her letter that this was the first they had heard of my experience, and that the person I spoke to on the afternoon of the ninth about my complaint was neither her nor Stephen. Her letter expressed horror and sympathies at my experience, and also that the two would do their best to track down the person who abused me on the phone and have a chat with them. Should that person be fired? I think not, and I hope not, unless they have experienced prior complaints. I do hope that person is encouraged not to answer the phone in the future.

(Update: I rarely change the content of my posts, since I prefer to leave things as they are to serve as a record of my experiences. However, it occurs to me that someone may stumble across this post in a search for Piaci, and that would be unfortunate. You see, the restaurant never followed up in any way on any of this beyond this letter, and I later found out that apparently the incident has become a running joke at the bar. Since my sources prefer to remain anonymous, I’m not going to go into great detail, but let’s just say that there’s more to this story than you’re seeing on this website, and if you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Fort Bragg, don’t go to Piaci. While they do have an excellent selection of beers and great pizza, in my opinion it’s simply not worth it. There are lots of other great places to eat in Fort Bragg.)