I am feeling the effects of both cheep ber and that of the lack of money. I begin to wonder how can I do any good in this world if I still “need” to spend money and pass around this sickening piece of paper that does nothing but cause suffering. Today Matt said : No gun has ever been convicted of murder”, but this is in no way the same. I realize the exisitence of real evil, and I also feel the pain of poverty and of want. I feel even more alon when i know that back home, a proposed nudist camp greets me proclaiming utter freedom. I know that there exists no such luxury and that I must accept the tofu into my mesenteric lining and face another lighting of the sun which rises blindly to greet our sullen faces and tell us that there is work to be done. Im sick of working im sick of people dying and im sick of the inflated reciews for broke back mountain. I was good but not spectacular. Im sick of being drunk

This piece of superb drunken freeform was left in a comments thread in the wee hours of the morning. I thought that is deserved better staging, front and centre, rather than being hidden in the murky depths. I didn’t see Brokeback Mountain because the Coast Cinemas isn’t nearly that cool, although it might show up in a couple of months when the “independant” movies come to town. I think that stupid liberals overinflate these movies because they think “Look! Gay people! I will be seen as hip and progressive if I champion this movie, and then I can go back to being my usual judgemental self! Hooray!”

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of being is, if all it is consists of waking up and facing a bitter world.