A few thoughts on rocks redux

An update–warm stone massages are still the bees knees, as I suspected. One of the most difficult things for me with massage is relaxing and letting the therapist work with my body. I’m usually very tense and always “helping” the therapist, which I know is a pet peeve of therapists out there. But this therapist and I flowed very well together–I was able to relax and trust her to do what was right with my body.

Also, having a tub and sauna before your massage improves it tenfold–I had a tub with the fango volcanic additive and it was awesome–I was rubbery and soft before I even started my massage.

I followed my bodywork with a delicious spinach salad from the Bistro, with the seared rare albacore as a main course. It was spectacular. The crust interacted very well with the fish, the veggies were perfect, and I adored the hummus. The meyer lemon infusion also added a great deal to the dish–everything worked very well and in harmony to produce a spectacular dish. I ended my meal with a cup of black vanilla tea over a lacy and delicious meyer lemon meringue tart, which was a confection of layers of texture and flavour I plan on eating again soon.

[Fort Bragg]