Wanton Cruelty

Reading the Chronicle today, I noticed an article about a cat named White Nose, who was shot to death on December 16th after an earlier attempt on his life in November failed.

This article makes me indescribably angry. It makes me furious. It enrages me. Acts of wanton cruelty, spite, and hate against animals cause a feeling like no other to rise in my gorge. White Nose was loved, he had an owner who cared for him. And some unfeeling asshole, some thoughtless prick, shot him. I can’t imagine any excuse for killing a cat. If the cat is bothering wild birds you are feeding, talk to the owner and reach a solution. If the cat is digging in your garden, likewise. Cats are not threatening animals. They are not out to hurt anyone, they are simply out to enjoy their lives. It is because of assholes like that that I am forced to keep my cats inside. They long for a taste of the outside world, and I have to tell them “sorry guys, but humans suck.”

I hate humanity so much right now, I can’t even describe it.

Pet owners, keep your animals indoors or on a leash–unlike children, whom society forces us to tolerate, it’s apparently ok to shoot and torture them. My heart goes out to White Nose’s person, and I hope that he is somehow able to find peace, and the worthless piece of shit who murdered his companion.

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