The best sheriff ever

It was sad news to read this morning that Tony Craver was retiring early due to health issues. Although we all knew he would step down after the 2006 election, it came as a shock to realize that we would be thrust into a Tony-less world an entire year early.

Tony Craver was an awesome sheriff. I remember his first campaign, when he went door to door to encourage people to vote, period, and not just for him. As a law enforcement official, he had a sensible attitude about the county’s needs and worked very, very hard to meet them. He was progressive. He was thoughtful. He was committed to his community, and it showed. Craver tightened up the ship in the Sheriff’s office and strengthed our community as a whole by doing so. He always had a kind word for you in the street, and that counts for a lot in a small town.

I’m sad that Tony is medically unfit for duty, and I hope that his health problems don’t bother him in civilian life. I’m also sad that he’s retiring, and I plan on voting for Hudson in 2006, as Tony seems to think he’s the man for the job.

Thank you for your service, Tony.

[Fort Bragg]