For the present

The presents are proving an irresistable temptation to the feline members of the household. Something about boxes wrapped in paper and festooned with ribbon is bringing out their feral side. Mr Bell, in particular, seems to be very much into shredding the ribbon. This is a matter of some concern, because abdominal surgery to remove shredded ribbon is very expensive. And yes, peanut gallery, you do need to go into surgery, because ribbon, tinsel, and the like can damage the delicate intestinal lining, which can lead to peritonitis (which is extremely painful, and almost always fatal if not treated right away). Yet, I don’t want to hide the presents, because I like having presents under the tree. I suppose I could remove all the ribbon, which would take the fun of of things for the recipients, but would cause me a lot less stress. On the other hand, the ribbon also creates a useful handle for dragging the presents under the couch and hiding them. So maybe I really should take all of the ribbon off. I could always put it back on when the presents go out the door to their recipients.

UPDATE: Mr. Bell has won the present battle. The presents, denuded of their ribbon, look a little forlorn under the tree, but he certainly seems smug about the entire affair.