Drill this

City Hall had some sort of emergency preparedness drill today, which served two purposes–waking me up with a terrible, terrible noise, and then amusing me as I watched all the city workers mill about like bees. Here, all the good little drones are returning to the nest after the drill. I didn’t know adults still how fire drills. (At least, I hope it was a fire drill, because I fail to see how assembling all of fifty feet away is going to protect you from terrorists.)

There were all sorts of curious noises last night, including a car alarm which probably went off for at least an hour. It wasn’t close enough for me to actually get up and hunt it down, but it was close enough to haunt my dreams with its noxiousness. I will admit that a brief smile passed over my face as I visualized the utter inefficiency of the Fort Bragg police and went back to sleep.

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