Don’t go to Piaci

I have chosen to leave this post up because it’s an example of terrible phone manners, and also the danger of doing business in a small town–it’s very easy to have your reputation ruined because one of your staff chose to be an asshole.


You might be thinking:

“But wait, Piaci serves scrumptious pizza and fine draft beer! They accommodate vegans! Why would you tell me to not eat at such an excellent dining establishment?!”

Well, I will tell you why. Because they are heinously rude assholes.

Let’s go over a few things involving correct phone etiquette for business owners.

Correct way to answer your phone:

“Piaci, how may I help you?” or “Piaci, this is x” or just “Piaci”


“Restaurant.” Except think SHOUTED VERY AGGRESSIVELY INTO THE PHONE. Now, I don’t know about you, but simply stating the nature of your business is not the correct way to answer a phone. I don’t say “SPA!” when people call Sweetwater. I say “Good evening, Sweetwater Spa,” to indicate to callers that A. They have reached Sweetwater Spa and that B. I am salivating at the very thought of helping them.

Now, when it turns out someone actually called your business by mistake, because, you know, these things happen, the correct response is:

“Oh, I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number.” “I’m sorry, this is Piaci.” “I’m sorry, there is no one by that name here.” “I’m sorry, perhaps you meant to try 964, not 961?”

NOT, and I must repeat this, NOT (and I quote):

“You fucking stupid bitch, this is a FUCKING RESTAURANT!” And to then continue on, in this vein, for several minutes, with a litany of impolite and unprintable words (the “C” word came up, for example).

So yeah. Don’t go to Piaci. Because they are rude. Because they are unprofessional. Because they apparently do not know how to responsibly answer phones. Because they are apparently unaware of the concept of directory lookup, which allowed me to find out which “RESTAURANT” had treated me so rudely.

Tell your friends not to go to Piaci. Tell your coworkers. Tell your boss. Tell people passing you in the street. Because no BUSINESS should EVER answer a phone in that fashion, and, certainly, no respectable business should EVER CONDUCT a phone call, even a wrong number, like that. And let us hope that Piaci soon learns that the consequence of being assholes is that you go out of business.

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