A few thoughts on rocks

So, I just finished getting a warm stone massage.

And I have a few words for you, home chickens.

I am an experienced massage recipient. I’ve been getting bodywork my entire life, from a large variety of practicioners, and in a wide range of styles. But never before in my life had I had a warm stone massage.

Right now, I am questioning the wisdom of that decision. I am thinking about the possibly hundreds of warm stone massages I have missed, and I am determined to rectify this as soon as possible. Because getting a warm stone massage was the best thing that ever happened to me. I mean it. It is among the top four coolest things I have ever experienced. It was awesome. It was wonderful. I felt my whole body melting into the table, becoming one with the rocks. It was…oh my god. Just go and get one, right now, and you will understand why I am in ecstasy right now. It’s the most amazing thing in the entire world. My whole body is just so…stoned. Holy shit.