My addiction to iFilm.

So, I recently got high-speed internet. Contrary to the expectations of my friends, this doesn’t actually mean that I now download porn all the time. Only about 70% of the time. When I’m not downloading porn, I’m often on iFilm.

I. Love. IFilm.

I just saw a clip from Murderball, which is a movie I wanted to see already.
I also saw previews for Wake Up Screaming, which looks totally awesome, and The Chumscrubber, which I thought was going to be about something else from the name. But it also looks amazing. So now that’s three movies that I’m excited about.

Murderball is about paraplegic rugby. Well, it might be just “wheelchair” rugby, but most of the participants are paras. It looks totally fucking great. I love people in wheelchairs who take life seriously, who are activists, who are out there kicking some ass. And these guys look seriously brutal. I don’t think I would want to run into any of them in a dark alley.

Wake Up Screaming is a documentary about a Peta activist on the Warped Tour. It covers some of my favourite topics–vegans, veganism, rock stars, hot weather, and general insanity. It looks like they’re not finished editing it yet, judging from the lack of release date, but I can’t wait.

The Chumscrubber also covers some favourite topics of mine–teenagers, drug abuse, epic struggles with morality, and so forth. It’s got drug dealing, suicide, theft, the works. It also looks totally amazing, in that Thirteen kind of way, where you will see it and walk out of the movie theatre a changed person. I think that the film makers have a rich plethora of social issues to pick apart in the movie–housing developments, the dangers of ignoring your children, drug abuse among the middle class, so forth. I’m excited.

I also really like the music video section on iFilm. There’s a song out by a major artist whom I have a lot of respect for that I am totally captivated by. Bonus points if you can figure out who it is.

At any rate, iFilm is awesome. There’s such a plethora of amazing stuff on there. Things I wouldn’t think of myself as being into I’ll watch, simply because they’re on my queue. And it turns me on to not artists, filmographers, etc, whom I also never would have explored on my own.

Yay iFilm!