A few thoughts on going to the pharmacy

1. It is extremely awkward, when picking up a prescription for birth control, to be served by a hot pharmacist. Who has no sense of humour.

2. Were you aware that Wahl, the American clipper giant (“where the world goes to look good”) has trademarked the phrase “rugged stubble”? Because they have. When I went to the pharmacy to pick up my birth control from the hot pharmacist, it hadn’t been prepared yet. (An aside—why is it that it takes an hour to prepare a prescription which requires putting a label on a box? That’s it. I mean, ok, maybe you have to open a case of boxes. To label. But, I mean, there was no formulation involved. No delicate mixing of substances. Just. A label. On. A Box.) At any rate, I found myself ambling around the aisles waiting for the hot pharmacist to prepare my prescription. And I found myself in the personal care aisle, staring blankly at clippers. And, lo and behold, I found a clipper with a “rugged stubble” guide, for “maintaining the few days old look.” I had always wondered how hipsters maintained that look—now I know.

3. It really depresses me that there is not an independently owned pharmacy within 50 miles of me, and that I am therefore forced to give my business to chains. Which allow their pharmacists in more conservative parts of the country to DENY BIRTH CONTROL to ADULT WOMEN with prescriptions for it. Because they don’t want to KILL BABIES. But it’s totally ok to dispense antibiotics. Which KILL ORGANISMS.

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