Fall in a small town

I woke up at about three am this morning, or at least I think it was three. Maybe it was two. The time change always leaves me in a state of utter confusion. I hope they remembered to change the clocks at work, because otherwise they are going to be really confused right now as well. I’ve never looked forward to the fall time change this much before–I was ready for it to be light when I got up, I tell you what, son.

Friends are up this weekend, which is fun, as always, but sometimes exhausting. Today we went to Mendocino so I could check on a job (got it), and eat revolting lunch at the Bayview, a tradition which goes back generations, I am fairly certain. At any rate, now I have two jobs to coordinate instead of one. And job number one is going to be pissed when I tell them about job number two. Tough shit. Maybe they should pay more. Or not hire people who are totally insane to work with me. I can’t say that I am going to miss my Thursday nights there much. It would be nice, though, to have one job, and make enough money there to survive. Oh well. That’s for rich people I suppose.

It’s curious to live in an area like this which is largely dependant upon a tourist economy. As a result, I am as well–most of the money businesses I work for take in comes from tourists. Yet, I loathe the tourist industry. I loathe the commodification of my home. I loathe that fat rich yuppie fucks from Southern California are ruining my home, that me and people like me can’t afford to live here because there’s no living wage. And those same fat fucks are unpardonably rude to me and others like me, because they make faulty assumptions about who we are. It’s curious that this area of California is glorified, and yet the natives, people who choose to live here year round, are treated like dirt. It’s as though they think there’s some sort of cachet in being nasty to clerks and buying overpriced real estate that they never use. They behave as though we don’t appreciate and love the place we live in, as though we are wasting it.

Tourism=destruction. Think about that the next time you take a trip.