Excuses, excuses

Yeah…about that updating.

My bad.

This whole “working like a responsible adult” thing really puts a cramp in anything but sleeping and eating questionable leftovers from the back of the fridge.

Also, Fort Bragg is boring.

No, really, it is. I love living here, but it is a very boring place. I was reminded of this the other night when a friend called and said “so what’s up” and I said “longs is 24 hours now.” And she said…”oh, I meant, like, in your life.” And I said “oh, well, I did laundry yesterday. And they raised the price on the triple loaders 50 cents! Dude! You can get a candy bar for 50 cents!” And she said “yeah, so, anything else?” “Yeah, I bought a calendar today.”

Here’s the big news in the old Advocate this week:

NEWSFLASH! Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault do actually exist in our hippie wonderland! Hundreds of women over an unspecified period of time were victims and made t-shirts about it! HOLY SHIT! Maybe I’m just cynical about this because I worked for the women’s shelter for awhile, and am therefore unimpressed by articles reminding the rest of the world that being a chick sucks. Speaking of which, please vote NO on 73. No, seriously. Anyway, my point is this: sexual assault and domestic violence are sad facts all over this great nation of ours, even in bucolic small towns where the back page of the phone book has an ad for a lawyer that specifies in “cow collisions.” In fact, these insidious facts of human life are almost more prevalent in small towns than in cities, when looked at as a statistical sample of a population. In fact, for quite a while the nurses and emts at our hospital were on a more rigorous rotation than those in urban areas, because fatigue set in more quickly. An emt friend of mine who was in Iraq said the he’d take Baghdad over MCDH any day. That’s not a good sign.

Speaking of which, yes, we still have a hospital, no, the ambulance service has not been shut down, and no, no actual decision on what to do about the flailing ship of state…er…board…has been reached. But the hospital is certainly in use, what with men bringing guns into the er and bar fights at the Golden West. And no, I was too chicken to go inside and find out what the story was. You would have been too.

In other news, some people died this week, that was sad.

We also owe a lot of money to the regional water quality control board.

And, uh, homecoming was awesome. Not that I would, you know, know, because I wasn’t there, but the front page of the Beacon made it look pretty cool. And apparently we are building a golf course. Since the one thing yuppie central needs is another golf course. Fuck affordable housing. Please note that the EIR for said golf course weighs 3 pounds, so I’m wondering if the EIR needs an EIR. And I need a new computer, so anyone who wants to donate should drop me a comment or line or whatever. Hah.

So, recap for the week:

yuppies, domestic violence, water board: bad

homecoming, new calendar, cake: good

Also–the calendar was purchased at Racines, quite possibly the coolest office supply store ever, except for their woeful calendar selection. They only had one penguin calendar and the pictures all sucked. And the kittens on the kitten calendars were not cute enough. So now I have naked angry German women plastered to trees, and I will be looking at them for all of 2006.

Buy local!

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