The weekly Advocate roundup

Apparently, hiring hitmen has gone to the heads of the local ruffians, as this week Reuben Ralph Casillas was arrested for soliciting the murder and torture of no less than five people. Luckily for the intended victims, Casillas is apparently inept, as his hired hitman turned out to be a police operative. Unusually for Mendocino County, several law enforcement agencies apparently cooperated in the case, allowing for rapid processing and booking.

Glad Fort Bragg’s finest does something other than harassing teenagers with skateboards.

It would appear that media coverage really does inspire copy-cat crimes—Alice Kautz went before the court for locking her daughter in her car trunk. The seasonal state parks worker apparently wanted to conceal the presence of the girl from other parks employees, as children are not allowed at work. She pled guilty on the charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance in exchange for a drop of the child endangerment charge.

Excitement grows about the bridge dedication, which is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30, with parade to follow. I’m just excited that the bridge is four lanes now.

[Fort Bragg]